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Chef Robs Caribbean Café offers the best authentic Caribbean cuisine with a gourmet twist.  Chef Rob’s specialties include braised beef oxtails, ackee, jerk chicken, curried goat, dry-rubbed spare ribs, his trademark spicy jerk seasoning and a whole lot more!

Celebrating Jamaican favorites as a whole, Chef Rob brings a one-of-a-kind, upscale laid-back 
establishment to the city. Found merely beyond the Perimeter, in the affluent Sandy Springs area,
 This place is a must for those trying to find a cultural setting without 
sacrificing preference and an appropriate dining experience.

Chef Rob’s Caribbean Cafe Atlanta

We are also known as a great venue for hosting events and remarkable catering services. After
 years of success as the owner and respected restaurateur of Chef Rob’s Caribbean Café,
 Chef Rob revealed his exciting new lounge as a zesty addition to Sandy Springs’ eccentric
 night life scene. As an expansion of Chef Rob’s Caribbean Café, Chef Rob’s Upscale Lounge is
literally next door.  Chef Rob successfully provides 2 distinct experiences for patrons to enjoy.

Chef Rob’s Upscale Lounge provides taste-makers and professionals throughout the city with an
outstanding night life experience. Visitors are treated to various tapas, cocktails, top-shelf
 selections, hookah, signature wines and VIP Packages including bottle service. The couture atmosphere seasoned with contemporary furnishings provides guests with posh comforts and the perfect location to host exclusive events, private mixers and social activities.

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We invite you to download and install the Chef Rob’s Caribbean Café & Upscale Lounge official mobile app which you could utilize to uncover unique discounts or QR coupons, find out about our food selection, set up reservations, locate us with the GPS area feature, send your recommendations, benefit from our Rewards Program, calculate tips and a lot more! Our goal is to offer you a wonderful experience from start to finish. We hope you love our app!

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Download Our App To Order These Delicious Entrees

Combination Dishes 1

Curry Chicken & Goat, Curry Chicken & Jerk Chicken, Jerk Chicken & Curry Goat Brown Stew & Jerk Chicken

Combination Dishes 2

Curry Chicken & Oxtails, Jerk Chicken & Oxtails, Curry Goat & Oxtails, Brown Stew Chicken & Oxtails, Brown Stew Chicken & Curry Goat, Brown Stew & Curry Chicken

Whole Red Snapper Brown Stewed, Steamed, or Grilled

Pan-fried or steamed red snapper simmered in a homemade spicy and savory Escoveitch sauce, then finished with fresh herbs. Wine Pairing: William Hill Chardonnay or Cono Sur Pinot Noir

Ackee & Sailfish

Served with boil yellow yam, dumpling, & banana. Wine Pairing: William Hill Chardonnay or Seven Daughters Red Blend

1/2 Roasted Caribbean jerk Chicken

Marinated jerk chicken slowly roasted over flavored mesquite wood. Wine Pairing: Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling or Apothic Red

Caribbean Curry Chicken

Chunks of chicken marinated in authentic spices, stewed with red potatoes & carrots. Wine Pairing: Bridgeview Pinot Grigio or Seven Daughters Blend

Curry Goat

Traditional curry goat simmered, marinated, and stewed with red potatoes. Wine Pairing: Bridgeview Pinot Grigio or Seven Daughters Blend

Braised Beef Oxtails

Tender beef oxtails slowly simmered with fresh herbs. Wine Pairing: Seven Daughters Blend or Apothic Red

Curried Shrimp Run Down

Assorted vegetables and shrimp simmered in a coconut curry sauce, served over steamed vegetables and a side of jasmine rice. Wine Pairing: Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling or Cono Sur Cabernet

Caribbean Brown Stew Chicken

Chunks of chicken, stewed down in a festive Jamaican brown sauce. Wine Pairing: William Hill Chardonnay or Rodney Strong Cabernet